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This community and this nation have given me and my family so much since I moved here 30 years ago from India.  It is my desire to serve you to assure that our 18th district community continues to thrive and live happy and healthy lives.

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  • Founding member of Vernon Democrats helping turn Lake County Blue

  • Former US Army Consultant with Certificate of Excellence Award

  • Public Health Executive, Fiscally Responsible

Sincerely, Akrom Hossain

Vernon Democratic Party Endorsed

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Akrom on the Issues

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Build Back Better in the Aftermath of Pandemic

Akrom understands the urgency to rebuild our local economy now, not later.

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Clean Environment & Clean Energy

Akrom will continue to fight to assure Lake County is a shining example of resiliency and clean energy

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Reduce Our Property Tax Burden

Akrom will work to create a fiscally responsible government that will address our high real estate tax burden.

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democratic Agenda

Akrom is a lifelong champion of diversity, equal rights, and pro-choice policies.

Hear from Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi

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For information on early voting go to:

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