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There are so many issues we agree on and we need to keep moving forward and fighting for our beliefs and for the greater good of Lake County’s future.

Akrom understands the urgency to rebuild our local economy now, not later. While politicians in Washington debates, we in Lake County can’t wait. I will pursue rebuilding our communities for our working families by aligning the County Board by championing:

  • Support for Small Business - I will work to ensure Federal, State and County COVID relief funding reaches our most vulnerable businesses

  • Reduce Restrictive Red Tape and Regulations - County and local ordinances can be extremely restrictive for our local businesses.  We must support regulations that protect our environment and assure safe and stable construction.  However, over regulation can force local businesses to close or relocate. I support a joint review of the County’s Unified Development Ordinances to assure that Lake County Businesses can thrive.

  • Expansion of Lake County Health Services to assure residents can recover from the short-term and long-haul impacts of COVID-19 Exposure and our children can attend school in a safe environment

Build Back Better in the Aftermath of Pandemic


Reduce Our Property Tax Burden

As an independent reformer and taxpayer advocate, I will use my professional and government services experience in budgeting and cost management to create a fiscally responsible government that will address our high real estate tax burden. I will propose to:

  • Permanently implement a 4 payment system for property taxes

  • 2% across the board cut in the county budget to be directly applied to property tax relief

  • Rooting out wasteful spending in Lake County government

  • Saving taxpayers money by consolidating county offices


Promoting a Clean Environment & Clean Energy

Akrom is a vocal advocate of the environment.   He is  a member of the Vernon Area Library Board where he champions adding new services for clean energy. He is also working with community officials to establish a Green Energy Commission to make our community a leader in solar and thermal energy and reduce the cost of electricity to our residents. He will continue to fight to assure Lake County is a shining example of resiliency and clean energy: 

Clean Energy Initiatives

  • Member of the Vernon Township Green Energy Commission

  • Clean energy incentives for businesses and residents

  • Converting Lake County infrastructure to clean energy alternatives by 2030

Advocate for the Environment

  • Opposed to HW 53 Expansion

  • Supports further crackdown on Stergigenix Ethal Oxid Chemical releases

  • Advocates adding more green spaces in our county

  • Supports the increase of green public transportation vehicles in the county

  • Supports Sustainable land use to preserve our county’s natural resources

  • Clean water for rural Lake County with no Lake Michigan water  


democratic Agenda

Akrom is a lifelong champion of diversity, equal rights, and pro-choice policies. He is an  experienced problem solver who works to assure the Lake County Board supports: 

  • Pro Choice policies

  • Guarantees equal access to healthcare

  • Fights discrimination at every turn regardless of a resident’s race, ethnicity, religion or LGBTQ Status

  • Elected Library Board Member

  • 20+ Years Precinct Committee Member

  • 30+ Years Business Experience

  • Healthcare Experience

Ensuring Safety and Security of our Community and Schools

Akrom is a former US Army Consultant where he protected our Nation  and an independent reviewer of investment to reduce gun violence and its effect in the City of Chicago. He will draw upon his US Army and City of Chicago experiences to guide the County Board to implement real solutions for the safety of our neighbors and children from gun violence.